Dallas Hawthorn Wheatley

Director, Writer, Voice Actor


Dallas Hawthorn (they/he) is a writer, voice actor, and director who has appeared on shows like Windfall, Forgive Me!, Let the Old Wives Tell It, Witchever Path, White Vault: Iluka, and Moonbase Theta, Out. They also appear on Space Ranger 421 as Dr. Theo Jones. He has a podcast called The Soap Opera, which is a wholesome soapmaking podcast, and Fireside Folktales, a show where each season is a different, full-length story. Dallas has written two full length audio fiction shows for Fireside Folktales, as well as several writing credits from college, when his jazz group performed their annual fully-staged radio play called "The Big Broadcast". Dallas is also known for his work as the voice director for the June 2020 Dark Dice charity event that raised over $10,000 for The Trevor Project. They are passionate about providing sympathetic and relatable queer media for teenagers and young adults, and he hopes to work with you on your next project!


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